On this page you will find all the info about the 2021 Recruiting.

Teamwork, willingness to take up new challenges and being passionate about motorsport and really entering this beautiful world are some of the fundamental traits to be part of our Team.

The first real step to to take in order to be achieve you goal is to register for the entry test which will allow you to become on of us.


How will the test take place?

The test will take place via the combined use of Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Teams. For this reason you MUST REGISTER in order of us to be able to add you to the online classrooms.

The questions will be answered on Microsoft forms. Here below you can find all the information about the test structure.


How will the test be structured?

It will be divided in four sections.

  • Section A: Open question in order to get to know you and understand why you want to join the team. There are no right and wrong answers.
  • Section B: Multiple choices questions about the formula student rules. You will have 10 minutes.
  • Section C: Multiple choices question on technical topics (Esempio: Being able to recognise simple mechanical components, to solve simple practical problems)
  • Section D: This section will vary depending and the department you want to join. You’ll have 45 minutes to answer two questions. If you happen to have indicated two departments in the submission form you’ll have to take Section D twice, each for the specific department


Here you can find the rulebook you have to study for the test


  • - Formula Student 2020/2021 Rulebook:  
      • - Sezione A: “Administrative Regulations”
      • - Sezione T: “General Technical Requirements”
      • - Sezione EV: “Electric Vehicles”
      • - Sezione DV: “Driverless Vehicles”
      • - Sezione S: “Static Events”
      • - Sezione D: “Dynamic Events”

Are you a Driver?

We are also looking for skilled drivers, with experience in at least one championship, who not only have to push our prototype to the limit, but drivers who can deliver accurate feedbacks over the behaviour of the car. Drivers, in fact hold a fundamental job in the development of our prototype.

If you believe to have the necessary skills to be our driver, you firstly have to sign up  to the test, choosing a department. Then you have to send an email to:


In the email you have to  specify the following information:

  • - Driver curriculum vitae
  • - A personal onboard video [optional]
  • - A preference for a department


You will have to sustain the general test for the team. In case of a successful written test, we will schedule a specific interview.



Each and every one requires specific knowledge and skills related to the department’s activities. Furthermore, each department can look for two figures : Designer and logistic planner. The first deals with everything regarding designing and producing components. The second has more of a managing role, they will interact with the B&M department to properly fill all the documents for the cost event. They will also have to deal with the department’s external sponsors.


This department designs all the aerodynamic shapes of the car starting with a CAD profile that is later simulated with a CFD software and finally validated on track.


Available positions:

- Designer: Required use of CAD software, theoretical and practical knowledge about CFD simulations, good craft skills and/or previous experience with composite materials.

- Logistic Planner: work autonomy, proficient in excel, knowledge about measurements systems.


The B&M department focuses on two events of the competitions: Business Plan Presentation and Cost event.

Furthermore, it deals with all the activities regarding communication and brand promotion, also managing the social media team accounts.


Available Positions:

Before diving deep into the required skills, the department is mainly looking for three-character traits: Willingness to work hard, willingness to work and ability to do teamwork. These three come before every skill.

  • - Business Plan: Basic knowledge of topics related to marketing and business administration. Good commutation skills both verbal and graphic, with the help of a presentation software.
  • - Cost Understanding: Basic knowledge about productive processes and industrial management. Ability to have discussions relating to technical topics. It would be preferable to be interested in the car’s technology.
  • - Communication: Good knowledge of the adobe package (Photoshop – InDesign - Illustrator – Premiere). Interest in communication and development of brand and team image. Basic video-rendering software knowledge.


This department designs the entire cooling system of the car. More precisely:

  • - Designing of cooling-focused components
  • - Thermal and fluid dynamic simulations of electrical motors, batteries and inverter
  • - Productions of the designed components
  • - Validation of the cooling system via track tests

Available Positions:

  • - Designer: knowledge of fluid dynamics and heat transfer, CAD software knowledge and basic understanding of electrical motors, batteries and inverter
  • - Logistic Planner: : Basic knowledge of electronics, organisational skills and production management, great skills with the Office package (especially Excel).


This department deals with all of the car’s components with which the pilot interacts when driving. More precisely:

  • - Design of braking system, steering, seat and pedals with a focus on ergonomics brought forth with the help and constant interaction with the drivers

Available Positions:

  • - Logistic Planner: organizational skills, knowledge about productive and technological processes and the office package.


The frame and body department is concerned with the skeleton of the car: the chassis. The various basic activities are:

  • - Designing and modelling of the monocoque and all the components through CAD software.
  • - Structural FEM analysis and optimization of polymeric, metallic and composite components
  • - Validation of the different numerical models through lab tests such as shear and flexural.
  • - Production and assembly of the monocoque and all its components.

Available Positions:

  • - Designer: knowledge of CAD software and FEM analysis
  • - Logistic Planner: work autonomy, excellent Excel knowledge.


The HVS department deals with all the electrical components associated with the car’s drive. The various activities are designing and production of electrical boards and control software, hardware components modelling and high-tension wiring, all simultaneously with the betterment of the models aimed at developing the electrical powertrain.


Available Positions:

  • - Designer: Skills in coding and hardware debugging with micro controllers and interface with competitors electronical systems.
  • - Logistic Planner: : basic knowledge of electronics, organisational skills and production management, excellent skills with the office package (especially excel)


The LVS department deals with all the electronics components mainly concerned with car control. More precisely software and hardware development for the driverless car, torque vectoring algorithm development, designing and production of printed circuit boards and data acquisition aimed wiring, vehicle control and safety, telemetry software development and micro controller firmware development.  

Available Positions:

  • - Designer: 
    • Wiring clerk/PCB draftsman: CBasic theoretical electronics knowledge (schemes reading, multimetre use, simple circuit realization). It would be preferable to have some experience on designing and debugging of printed circuit boards. Basic coding and software debugging skills, especially on C. It would also be preferable to be experienced with microcontrollers. Good manual skills (wiring and soldering). Precision and attention to details.
    • Torque Vectoring Clerk: Matlab and Simulink coding. C coding.
  • - Designer Driverless:
    • Machine Learning clerk: Good coding skills. Machine and deep learning experience.
    • Control Clerk Control knowledge (MPC, actuators). Master degree in Computer Science or Automation.
  • - Logistic Planner: basic electronics knowledge, organisational skills and production management, skilled with the Office package (especially Excel)


The suspension & drivetrain department is mostly focused on the following:

  • - CAD modelling, structural FEM analysis and fatigue analysis of both wheel and suspension components, modelled around the suspensions’ cinematics and elastics defined by the vehicle dynamics department.
  • - Carbon fibre wheels lamination, production and assembly of structural components, gearbox assembly
  • - Structural tests on suspension components and wheels, gearbox bench test.

Available Positions:

  • - Logistic Planner: passion and knowledge about production management and sponsor relations.


This department studies the vehicle’s behaviour in order to maximize performance

  • - Cinematic scheme and suspensions’ elastics development, steering geometry.
  • - Tyre development alongside Pirelli
  • - Race simulations with dynamic models and a real simulator
  • - Torque vectoring: algorithm development and fine-tuning
  • - Track testing: data analysis and car’s trim to maximise performance.

Available Positions:

  • - Designer: control knowledge, MatLab and simulink expertise, coding and code implementation skills

We would like to remind you that many of the cited skills are not strictly related to a specific course of study.

Many of them are acquired through hard work and passion, regardless of the field of study you chose. If you think you have what we are looking for we invite you to sing up for the entry test.


If, on the other hand, you think you don’t have to cited skills or ability, maybe you just started university, or maybe you simply didn’t dive into said fields, but you are burning with the desire to put yourself to the test don’t worry! For the first time in the team's history there will be a second recruiting in March 2021 which will be more focused on evaluating the candidate attitudes rather than their skills


Do you have any curiosity regarding the teams composition? You don’t know what department to join? You believe you’ve got what it takes and you can be of help to the team?

Follow the teams presentation. In each one you will be presented a different department in greater detail than on this page. Furthermore you’ll be able to ask each department head some questions



In order to get to know the team and departments better, we hope to see you at our conferences which will be live on YouTube from 18.00.


  • - 22/09: General conference
  • - 23/09: Aerodynamics e Frame&Body departements conference
  • - 24/09: High Voltage System and Low Voltage System departments conference
  • - 28/09: Business&Marketing department conference
  • - 29/09: Cooling System department conference
  • - 30/09: Driver Interfaces and Suspension&Drivetrain departments conference
  • - 01/10: Vehicle Dynamics department conference